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AT specializes in video and film production for ALL needs: music videos, TV, sports, commercials, infomercials, direct response videos, internet social media videos, weddings, etc. Please enjoy our promotional reel…



Need to represent your business and/or products in a professional, creative and appealing way? Look no further. From interior and exterior imagery to profile shots to product photography, we've got you covered. The force is strong with us, so we offer professional photography at reasonable prices. We're here to make sure your vision becomes a reality. Please send us a request for a quote so we may match your exact needs.


Weddings? Sports? Concerts? Corporate events? We're here for you. All projects have budgets and we'll ensure you stay within it by supplying you with expert photography at a price that works for you. After all, we're here to immortalize life's amazing moments so you don't have to.

Everything In Between

Lifestyle? Outdoors? Travel? Fitness? Culinary? Documentary? Anything, Bueller? Bueller? With great power comes great responsibility, so we do it all and we do it well!

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Because we are absolutely in love with what we do! We're also not try'n to break your bank! Speaking of money, put that coin anywhere but not in your pocket. Where it'll get mixed in with the others and become just a coin. Which it is.

Graphic Design

We know a few things about photoshopping as well.

AT can also create promotional material for your video or film projects. From movie posters to ads to album covers to web graphics to EPK promo material, we've got you covered.


Need a cure for any aspect of your video or film project? We have the antidote...

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ADR (Automated Dialog Replacement)

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No project is too big or small.
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Filmmaking since the age of 9, Wil Shippy is as passionate as they come. He believes there is always something you can improve on within your own work. Stay humble, stay real and treat people the right way. Do what you love.

Wil Shippy

Aaron Shapiro, Director of Photography, graduated with a BFA in Film-Cinematography from Art Center College of Design. He is also an experienced Gaffer, 1st AC, camera operator on rollerblades and a proficient 3-axis gimbal operator. His work can be seen in many music videos, commercials, and TV shows.

Aaron Shapiro

Executive Producer
Former professional musician, Jake Fowler, has always had a strong love for movies, TV and videos. He holds a BS from the University of California, Santa Barbara and excels at the business side of things. While the past few years found him focusing on the corporate world, his partnership with Wil Shippy has allowed him to release his creative inner beast.

Jake Fowler

Creative Producer
Marissa began her creative passion at a very young age through music and art. She earned her BA in Art from Long Beach State University and has paintings around the world, including the showrooms of Ebanista, the Mandarin Las Vegas, The World, and many private homes. Transitioning to film has given her a broader scope for her creative insights, both challenging and fueling her work.

Marissa Head


Kyle Gibson

Associate Producer
Singing, acting and performing since childhood, Summer Shippy has the passion to do her very best work for each and every project. Since becoming an editor, she's found a fluidity that coincides with her music sensibilities and rhythm. Producing multiple projects such as True Piracy, These Do Not Exist, AHA PSA Quit Smoking just to name a few.

Summer Shippy

Eric Dresden Connelly is an actor and writer, known for Darla (2015), Until the Day I Die: Part 1 (2016) and Cherry Red Kiss (2014). Connelly also directed the short film, True Piracy (2013). Wil Shippy and Aaron Shapiro also lent their talents to True Piracy as well.

Eric Dresden Connelly


Jenny Lynn

Graphic Designer
Finding a passion for art and music at a young age, Heladio Adame has always had a strong love for the arts. Graduated from Art Institute in 2011 (associates degree).

Heladio Adame


Jacxon L Ryan

1st Assistant Director
Production Manager

Bryanna Santillan

Sound Designer

Manny Becerril

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